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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Guest Bloggers

One of the things my fellow, veteran blogger Ellen (A Reason to Write - India) suggested to me is to ask others to guest blog.  This is one of my favorite pieces of blogging advice as it gets me off the hook for writing, and lets you enjoy the talents of other writers (which will hopefully prevent you from getting bored and will make you keep reading my blog). 

Not sure what the proper ettiquette here is, but I feel like I want to introduce my first guest blogger and good friend Mary.  Mary is another member of my team, and it's a real full-circle moment for me, because in a lot of ways, Mary is a big part of what made me think I could go to Africa in the first place.  Although I'd always wanted to go visit the CRC, I never felt like it was in my cards - and then when, nearly five years ago it finally was - I thought I was the wrong person for the trip.  I was crippled by self-doubt.  Mary's words of encouragement helped convince me to make that leap - so to get to share this experience with her feels almost like saying thank you.  I hope at the end of the trip she feels the same way!

She'll be authoring the next entry (to follow shortly).  Thanks, Mary.  For the blogging, for the support, and for the friendship.

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