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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Off the Grid

Off The Grid

We had hoped to blog while in Bo – and I’m not giving up yet – but the Internet here presents its own brand of problems. The Internet connection – tenuous at best – which was working at Mercy lab mysteriously went down yesterday. They were able to get it back up for a little while, but it keeps blipping in and out, so emails crash and burn before they can get sent, and Skype just drops the call as soon as the connection is made. It’s frustrating – and tough to switch from the American mindset of reliance on the Internet to not only work but to be FAST and reliable.

Going to have to go low-tech and go back to the SAT phone tomorrow night to give this weary team a chance to hear their loved one’s voices – some of us need a bit of a morale boost.

I get the chance to get off the grid a little when we have our family reunion in WV – and it’s always an adjustment but also a bit of a relief once we get used to it. Of course, I’m not as off the grid as I am in Africa – and I’m not so far away from everyone I love. Still – we’ll make do. And pray that the Internet connection improves in the next day or so. And the most important thing is that the team has arrived at the CRC – been fed and spent a little time with the kids, and now we will get some rest so we can get the week off to a good start.

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