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Friday, March 5, 2010


Anyone remember the name of the Tom Hanks movie where he gets stuck in the airport?  We're feeling a little that way.  Our Freetown flight was scheduled to leave almost two hours ago, and we are still waiting to be officially called to our new gate (though we overhead where it's going to be).  Our original plane was replaced for technical problems (certainly don't mind getting a new plan), but the veddddy polite BMI workers just keep reassuring us that we will be ready to go in "five minutes".  They've been saying that for about an hour.

It's all good, though, because this is hopefully giving them time to find our team member's luggage.  Scott handed his bag to the girl at the counter to be weighed, and she put it on the conveyor belt without tagging it at all.  We have no idea where it is right now, and it has no way of knowing what flight it's supposed to be on.

We know travel to Bo is hard - just didn't expect the challenges to start in London!  Still, the team is well, and resting - and if you have to be stuck somewhere, Heathrow isn't the worst place in the world to be.

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  1. Hi, Dr. Horvath - just remembered this morning to check this site. Sorry you are having travel troubles but just thinking about those kids will keep you going. Their pictures are so cute!!!! I bet this is so rewarding.