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Monday, March 8, 2010

We Are Marching

Tonight we had story time with the kids for the first time since we arrived – last night the kids begged off so they could study. Really. They are some kind of stressed about the WASSCE! The men went to the boy’s dorm for stories and the women to the girls. After books, the girls sang – one of my favorite things about being here. You’re crammed in this dark, hot little lounge in the girls’ dorm, girls on every piece of furniture and draped over you, and they sing. They naturally harmonize, and Africans sing more from the diaphragm than Americans do. Their voices come out so strong it makes us sound so ready and thin. Sitting in the middle of that room though is like sitting inside the music somehow. I always get a little choked up.

Today was a very low-key day – church for two hours, then lunch and free time with the kids. I don’t get to do that often enough when I’m here for summer school – or I don’t take advantage of the opportunities then like I should, so I made myself leave the list in the MTC and just hang out. Spent most of the afternoon sticking stickers on kids and getting soundly beaten at various card games that I never understood.


But if you want to know what we're really doing here, check these out:

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