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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Party Animals

It’s our last full day in Bo – and we have been super-busy. The Child Support Program/Foster Care Program party is this afternoon….we are hosting 174 children. That’s already a TON of work, but we also really need to try to get some things done during the party: 1. Get updated pictures of every one of them, 2. Get a little personal information to send to their American sponsors, and 3. Hand each one a book and bag.

We’ll have some fun too – we’ve planned a scavenger hunt, balloon relay (can you run with a balloon between your knees?) and of course a snack station. I’m anticipating we’ll be exhausted by the time we get back to the MTC for rest and dinner before our farewell party with the resident children. We’re already wiped out from party prep: blowing up balloons, cutting papers for bios and scavenger hunts, getting the station signs ready, making “passports” for kids to wear around their necks so they can get stamps at each station.

Yesterday was spent prepping and planning. The men spent the day rebuilding the rain gutter on the MTC with the help of some of the security guards and Tommy, the caretaker of the MTC. God blessed us with a torrential downpour after devotions last night so that we could test their work – which held really beautifully, but of course they wanted to tweak it a bit today and have spent the morning working on it. Craig and I were also able to have a very frank and productive meeting with the staff yesterday afternoon.

Last night we attended the election of the new president of the Children’s Voice. It might have been the longest election I’ve ever witnessed, but it was the most fair. Ishmael Koroma beat his opponent in a landslide.

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