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Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Now that I’ve had someone help me compress files, I’m hoping that I can post a lot more photos (I know these are a lot more interesting than any words I could write)! So here’s my friend and fellow team member Mary:

Kathleen, so happy that she’s smiling with her eye’s closed:

Scott cutting out paper airplanes:

Ken, smiling a little goofily:

And lest you think we’re all just sitting around making paper airplanes, sticking stickers on people and hugging kids, here is the K1 class I observed on Monday (age 2-3). They’re staring at the pumoy in the room:

and practicing writing numbers on their slates:

This is Class 2 (second grade):

And the group that swarmed us for hugs and pats as we were leaving:

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